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Create Superior Digital Client Experiences with M-Files Hubshare

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M-Files helps organizations find, share, and collaborate on critical business information with internal and external stakeholders efficiently and securely. The powerful, metadata-driven platform combines repository neutral enterprise search and access with an easy-to-use and secure collaboration portal for employees, clients, and contractors. As a result, organizations automate and streamline document-centric processes, operate more efficiently, and improve stakeholder satisfaction with built-in security and compliance.


The M-Files Hubshare collaboration solution facilitates information exchange between stakeholders through customizable dashboards and branded hubs. The solution enables superior customer experiences through a real-time, digital collaborative workspace. By enabling better visibility and information control across systems, repositories and stakeholders, M-Files provides organizations with a competitive advantage as they deliver higher-quality work with lower risk.

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Web: www.m-files.com

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