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Collect, Connect, and Democratize Your Organization’s Knowledge with Bloomfire

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Bloomfire: Your Knowledge Engagement Platform

Bloomfire provides knowledge management software that connects people to the information and insights they need to do their best work. Our cloud-based knowledge engagement platform gives people one centralized, trusted, and searchable place to engage with shared knowledge and grow their organization’s collective intelligence. With a rich media editor, support for a wide range of file types, and unlimited storage, contributors can preserve knowledge in the format that works best for them, and users get the context they need to understand both explicit and tacit knowledge. And thanks to Bloomfire’s deep indexing capabilities, all content becomes searchable—even the words spoken in video and audio files.


Customers like Capital One, ADT, Jackson Hewitt, and Conagra use Bloomfire to put customer service knowledge at the fingertips of frontline employees, make market research and insights accessible to the stakeholders who need them, improve their onboarding processes, and democratize knowledge across the entire organization. Customers have reported reducing their employees’ average time spent searching for information by up to 75%, cutting new hire onboarding time in half, and decreasing customer calls placed on hold by 50%. Contact us to schedule a demo and see how Bloomfire can help you maximize the value of your team’s collective knowledge.

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Website: https://bloomfire.com

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