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Automate Digitization and Support Your Full Information Management Lifecycle with Award-winning Access Unify

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In our ever-changing digitized world, quick, seamless access to information isn’t a luxury—it’s expected. Both employees and clients are increasingly demanding a flexible, digital-first environment. Enter Access Unify, an award-winning blend of AI-driven digital transformation technology delivered with a client-centric approach.

Why is it a game-changer? The AI technology in Access Unify | Active File Service and Access Unify | Secure Compliance revolutionizes file indexing, storing, retrieving and securely destroying records. Imagine immediate access to crucial documents, at any time, wherever you are. No more sifting through heaps of paperwork or wrestling with legacy systems. Integrating flawlessly into your existing infrastructure, Access Unify solutions ensure a streamlined, digital-first workflow, minimizing the need for extra training or staffing.

A bonus? You only need to scan what’s needed when it’s needed, ditching bulky and expensive backfile projects. Transition those onsite files to Access and watch as previously occupied spaces become opportunities—be it for strategic business uses or cost-saving real estate decisions.

The Access Team is committed to innovation and providing client-focused service. Redefine your records and information management journey by partnering with us today. Learn more here or contact us today.


PH: 877.345.3546 
Web: www.accesscorp.com 

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