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Access Innovations: Data Harmony - using AI to unlock the potential of your knowledge base

Access Innovations uses AI to unlock the potential of your knowledge base. You own and store vast amounts of knowledge. How do you make that knowledge work for you? Being able to find the information you need when you need it! 


DH 4.0 is a fast, reliable, human-enhanced AI platform that allows you to fully leverage your content. DH 4.0 is installed, customized, trained, and launched—just four steps. DH 4.0 uses more than 20 AI algorithms for efficient, innovations, and precise discover of new and emerging concepts. DH 4.0 offers 2 core modules, 3 extension modules, and 4 data management tools.

AccessInnovations Logo

Access Innovations, Inc.
6301 Indian School Road NE Suite 400
Albuquerque, NM 87110
PH: +1.505.998.0800
Website: www.accessinn.com

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