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AI 50 Trailblazer: SearchBlox - Security and Sophistication in a Simple Package— the Future of Enterprise Search

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“What’s the difference between gelato and ice cream?” This debate came up during a recent family dinner. Without hesitation, we turned to our AI-enabled device, voiced the query aloud, and got to the bottom of this critical question.

As modern consumers, we use AI-driven search technology every day—on our laptops, mobile phones, and smart devices. We expect more than answers: often we’re looking for guidance. Yet, when it comes to our office intranets and customer portals the typical enterprise search experience often fails to deliver.

SearchBlox uses AI to evolve enterprise search to meet the needs of your business and the more sophisticated expectations of end-users:

1. We offer the most secure enterprise search platform available today. Our tools encrypt your data in-transit, at-rest, and in-use. Authentication, authorization, and audit logging are standard in our products, so you can rest assured our tools comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI, and ISO.

2. Our platform development strategy, DirectIntent™, drives innovation earlier in the search experience, so enterprise search is as simple, intuitive, and engaging as commercial search engines. Voice search, image-enhanced search, and personalization that doesn’t collect or store PII are all ways our clients get people the answers they need faster.

3. We’re focused on product-based solutions that just work. No matter what result you want from enterprise search, our platform deploys faster and more affordably by design.

Government, healthcare, financial institutions, and other data-driven businesses choose SearchBlox to delivers simple, secure, and sophisticated enterprise search experiences.

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