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AI 50 Trailblazer: Lucidworks - Lucidworks Leads the Next Generation of Search for Enterprises

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Lucidworks Fusion helps organizations turn data into personalized insights for employees and customers. Lucidworks makes it easy for customers to make the move to cloud and modernize their infrastructure with cloud-based commerce, customer service, and workplace applications that drive measurable results throughout the entire organization. Retailers, high tech companies, financial service firms, healthcare companies, grocers, and manufacturers rely on Lucidworks’ cloud-based solutions to create connected experiences across their organizations.

Lucidworks has established its reputation as a leader in next-generation search solutions. Fusion provides deep learning models out-of-the-box to power the most relevant products and content for each individual user, creating connected experiences in the cloud by collecting signals anywhere and applying those insights everywhere to create value in every interaction. Lucidworks Fusion captures rich behavioral data to provide users with the right information related to their location, history, or job title, regardless of where the data is stored.

In addition to the latest version of Fusion, Lucidworks cloud-native offerings include Never Null, a semantic vector search solution that eliminates zero result searches, and Smart Answers, a chatbot augmentation solution that drives deep learning into customer service cloud workflows. These solutions enable customers to quickly and effortlessly spin up powerful capabilities such as advanced machine learning and AI-driven recommendations for users.

Customers choose Lucidworks because they make search smarter and more scalable for less lift. With Fusion, some of the world’s biggest brands are creating a personal experience for every customer and employee. 

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