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A walk on the knowledge side:

Take an early stroll through the aisles of the largest KM event ever produced.

Among the exhibitors:

80-20 Software's newest technology, Darwin, represents over 20 man-years of research in neural networks and pattern matching technologies at Telstra Research and Development Labs. The result is a suite of tools specifically designed for content tracking and analysis, as well as expertise location, combined with a portal to manage corporate knowledge.

Ariel Performance Centered Systems will demonstrate "Day One System Performance" services for the retail and hospitality markets, which is a product of its a strategic business alliance with Cyntergy. These services will decrease software-support and implementation costs by making application user interfaces easier to learn and use. ROI on new system implementations is said to increase by decreasing training costs and time to competency.

Brainshark Enterprise is a communications application service provider that allows companies to self-author, deliver and manage on-demand multimedia business communications. Users can create and access recorded multimedia presentations anywhere, anytime to provide a scalable, flexible solution for knowledge transfer to multiple audiences.

Brightstation develops Web applications for business, including: InfoSort, which electronically reads documents and automatically assigns index categories by identifying key business topics, and Muscat, which finds information by understanding concepts underlying search requests using probabilistic methods to match concepts and ideas.

Computer Associates will introduce the Jasmine ii Portal, which uses 100% Java for scalability, interoperability, extensibility, platform independence and zero administration. It can be controlled from a central IT organization, thereby reducing administration costs and security risks. Jasmine ii can integrate with existing systems, automate common tasks and work with open directory services (e.g. LDAP).

Cerebyte will feature the latest enhancement of its Infinos software, a suite of 10 applications designed to apply the captured knowledge of business operations to generate more revenue and increase customer satisfaction without adding personnel. Cerebyte is also creating a business-to-business application service provider to enable 24/7 access to its software, road maps library and online services.

Comintell will show its Web technology to aggregate and deliver job-specific, in-context information and applications for particular user communities. The company was founded in 1999 by the former management team of Ericsson's business intelligence operations.

Communispace is a hosted ASP, Web-based environment that focuses on connecting people to people (not just people to documents) to achieve specific objectives, regardless of geographic, time and organizational barriers. A customizable service, Communispace offers brainstorming activities, threaded dialogue, conversation and collaboration, a research center, member profiles, multimedia exhibits, messaging and other features.

Correlate will offer a pre-release demonstration of Correlate 3.0, which turns the browser from a read-only environment into a collaborative, secured, XML-based information sharing platform and provides integration between the Web and other information sources. The Webmaster still controls publishing rights, but does not need to do manual work for documents because users can publish MS-Office documents directly from their desktops.

Portal B from Data Downlink offers a single point of access to internal and external information sources--configurable to a company's individual needs. The package integrates business Web searching, customized directories, premium content and indexed access to an enterprise's published material. It features a custom collection of more than 8,500 content-rich Internet sites, that have been hand-selected and reviewed.

InfoImage, a developer of decision portal software, will show interoperability of Microsoft Web Parts with its freedom 2 decision portal software at KMWorld 2000. Web Parts is a common technology that enables enterprise portals from different companies to talk to one another. InfoImage freedom 2 allows content and applications to be delivered as Web Parts to integrate directly with personalization and analysis features.

Work2gether is KM Technologies' intranet application designed for medium-sized companies (from 50 to 1 000 employees). Distributed through ASPs and ISPs, as well as through value-added resellers, Work2gether is not dependent on the company's language of work, position or geographical location.

MindCrest's knowledge portal, eWise, allows companies to leverage knowledge assets, particularly management of tacit knowledge, in a comprehensive manner. MindCrest also provides business and technical consulting and implementation services, integrated with a learning management system for KM implementation.

Knowledge Management 2.0 from Net Perceptions is designed to integrate applications and environments, such as browsers and other frequently used applications, into employees' existing work habits. New features include actionable intelligence, shared knowledge collections and personal knowledge networks.

Northern Light presents a growing number of B2B products and services ranging from enterprise accounts to customized business portals that provide seamless access from the user's desktop to the Web, relevant internal content, licensed third-party content and the Northern Light Special Collection.

Nua will launch Nua Publish, a Web-based publishing tool to enable enterprises to create, publish and scale better content online, to search more effectively online and to better manage its business information.

Peer3 will be offering e-learning and knowledge portal software and related services. The software is structured to reduce the time and cost of developing training courses and provide adaptive, personalized learning. It enables users to create and reuse "learning objects" that can be integrated into multiple training programs with minimal effort.

Semio will demonstrate Taxonomy 4.0, a complete service for building and maintaining customized, browseable categories for corporate portals and Internet sites. 4.0 features a new user interface, relevance ranking, Documentum access and multiple language support.

Sharing Technologies will present its flagship Knowledge Sharing software solution, Papirus for Domino. Papirus enables information to be shared easily and effectively. Papirus captures information, using the print function, from any Windows-based application (Excel, PeopleSoft, CAD/CAM, etc.) into a Notes document.

Silicon Space provides integrated e-business program management, including strategy, design, Web development, e-marketing and support of Internet, intranet and extranet solutions.

Smartlogik will unveil its latest generation of natural language search and categorization software for Internet and intranet applications. The Smartlogik software suite comprises searching, indexing, alerting, structuring, rule building and rule editing components. Used individually or in combination, the software is designed to increase the efficiency of knowledge retrieval.

Solutions-united.com will be launching the metaMarker Customer Content (CC) module, an "add-in" technology for use with metaMarker, its core technology platform, in CRM solutions. MetaMarker CC 1.0, features an expanded metadata framework, descriptive features, additional situation or use aspects and the Meta-Multiplier engine.

Sopheon presents modular software products designed to manage and leverage the knowledge life cycle for e-business from creation and capture to publishing via a variety of means, including portals, the Internet and alternative devices. The components can be selected for individual capability or delivered as a complete solution to fit organization requirements. The components include Sopheon Modeler, Terms, Composer, Publisher and Agents.

Synergistics will be previewing Authoriti, its new business portal that enables companies to develop knowledge communities. Authoriti manages enterprise knowledge and content and integrates it with relevant external information.

Tacit Knowledge Systems will showcase KnowledgeMail, an automatic discovery and exchange knowledge asset. KnowledgeMail provides the entire enterprise access to public, private and tacit knowledge while preserving user control and privacy at all times.

Thinkmap will announce the launch of Thinkmap Studio, a platform for creating interfaces for displaying, animating and navigating complex and interconnected information. In conjunction with the Thinkmap Studio launch, the company will announce several key strategic partnerships and showcase the latest knowledge management applications it powers.

VisionCompass is an international supplier of collaborative enterprise management software that enables organizations to implement and manage complex, interrelated business objectives. The Web-enabled, client-server software system features collaboration, communication, tracking, analysis and business intelligence functionality for organizations to deliver a set of business initiatives at all organizational levels.

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