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2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Text Analytics and NLP: Verint

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Get Actionable Insights on Digital Channels with Verint Text and Interaction Analytics

As more customers look to "digital first" such as chat and messaging, when interacting with your company, Verint Text and Interaction Analytics lets you extract actionable business intelligence from unstructured data— providing enhanced insight into customer experience (CX).

With Verint Text and Interaction Analytics, you can:

Identify and explain top categories and sentiment across your voice and text-based customer interactions.

Reduce customer and agent effort, identifying drivers of dissatisfaction through sentiment analysis and improved self-service options.

Uncover newly emerging topics causing customer concern before they become major issues.

Monitor trends over time, stay on top of changes in customer behaviors that need attention.

Verint Text and Interaction Analytics automatically analyzes and renders patterns and trends, in both voice and text channels—allowing you to quickly discover emerging business opportunities while tailoring and tracking of customer experiences. Track and monitor known and unknown issues surfaced by Verint Da-Vinci AI. With theme discovery, Verint Da-Vinci AI uses advanced machine learning and NLP to automatically identify and cluster unknown issues.

These AI-generated themes can also be used to create new categories for long-term analysis and tracking. As a result, you’re able to keep up with ever-changing customer sentiment and the language customers use to describe their experience, quickly acting and impacting interaction outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Together with Verint Speech Analytics, Verint's Next Generation Interaction Analytics provides a powerful unified voice and text solution for alerting and acting on topics, categories, sentiment, and other critical insights across channels.

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