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2022 Readers' Choice Award - Best Customer Experience and Support: eGain

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The End of Clueless in Customer Experience and Support

Not your grandfather’s knowledge

Modern knowledge is much more than data and basic information such as FAQs. In the context of customer and employee experience, it also includes conversational and process knowhow, surfaced at the point of customer interaction. It can enable any agent to handle any customer query, even making capabilities like routing less important!

Why Knowledge Now?

Per Gartner, KM is the #1 technology that can enhance the three main customer service perspectives of operational performance, CX, and employee experience. The following trends are driving demand for modern KM:

Customer queries are getting more complex with 63% of contact center agents saying so in a recent survey.

On average, 75% of contact center agents are still fully or partially remote and walking over to the next cube for answers is not even an option for most agents.

On average, the human brain retains only about 2%-3% of new information we learn a month later. Contact centers cannot keep agents on a perpetual training treadmill to mitigate this problem.

eGain Knowledge Hub™

With rich capabilities out of the box and proven at scale with blue-chip clients, the eGain Knowledge Hub includes all the capabilities needed for modern knowledge management unified into one platform:

Content management and profiled content access

Intent inference, refined by ML

Search methods

Conversational AI guidance

♦ Personalization

♦ Analytics

♦ Integrations

Beyond technology, eGain offers domain expertise, risk-free adoption options, a sustained client engagement model, implementation, support, education, and managed services, and ecosystem to succeed with modern KM.

The Knowledge Renaissance is upon us. Let us go from clueless to clued-in customer support and experience!

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