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2020 Readers Choice Award - Best Enterprise Search: BA Insight Connectors

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IT leaders are mired with internal complaints because knowledge workers can’t find what they’re looking for searching store-by-store. Not having the information they need slows down their projects, wastes time, and creates a poor employee experience.

Connectivity is the cornerstone to any enterprise search/internal search implementation. BA Insight’s out-of-the-box connectors are used to connect AWS Elasticsearch, Azure Cognitive Search, Elasticsearch, SharePoint Online/Microsoft Search, SharePoint On-premise, and/or Solr to over 80 enterprise systems. Our connector technology securely indexes both full text and metadata from source systems into a single index—enabling a single, searchable result set across content from all sources.

Key capabilities of our connectors include:

♦ Secure, high performance crawling and indexing
♦ Management of sophisticated security scenarios
♦ Metadata Alignment, Adjustment and/or Creation for all indexed data
♦ Mapping of security entitlements within source systems into search to expose only content to which the user has been granted access
♦ Scheduling features for incremental ingestion/crawling/indexing
♦ The ability to easily create custom connectors via an SDK

Developing enterprise search connectors is more challenging than it may seem. It requires a balance of high performance and light touch, along with rigorous security and easy administration across a wide range of sophisticated source systems. BA Insight has proven technology, a vast array of supported connectors, and extensive experience to ensure secure successful enterprise search deployments.

To learn more visit:

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BA Insight
7 Liberty Square, Suite 3
Boston, MA 02109-5812

PH: 1.339.368.7234
Contact: sales@BAinsight.com
Web: www.bainsight.com

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