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2019 Readers Choice Award - Best Text Analytics and NLP: Nuance Communications

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The future of customer engagement will be defined by a combination of AI and human intelligence, as smart applications learn to interact with customers in natural, two-way conversations that span channels. Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the technology at the heart of conversational AI and automated agent assistance. NLU allows conversational AI systems to extract meaning from both spoken and text input, enabling the ability to engage customers in a naturally flowing dialog—assisting them intelligently and efficiently. Nuance delivers powerful NLU and conversational AI solutions enabling organizations to go to market in hours, not months, with systems which learn and improve their accuracy over time.

At Nuance, our focus is not just on basic recognition but in understanding the meaning of human words—their intent, next likely action and how their problem can be most easily solved. We do not rely just on language structure for understanding—we produce a complex ontology model that leverages neural networks to more effectively understand context and relationships between concepts. As leaders and experts in the deep vertical domains of financial services, healthcare, telecommunications and retail, we differentiate by applying our learnings and vast real world Enterprise deployment data to deliver complex understanding models which ensures our NLU solutions deliver strong ROI to customers.

As pioneers in NLU and conversational AI technology for more than 20 years, Nuance will continuously innovate to find new ways to make it even simpler and faster to deploy advanced AI systems for customer engagement.

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Nuance Communications, Inc
1 Wayside Road
Burlington, MA 01803
Tel: 1-781-565-5000
Web: nuance.com

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