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2016 KMWorld Promise and Reality award finalists:
KM Promise Award

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The winners of the KM Promise and the KM Reality awards will be formally announced on Wednesday, Nov. 16, at the 2016 KMWorld Conference at the JW Marriott in Washington, D.C.

Ten organizations have been named finalists for the 2016 KM Promise Award and 10 others are finalists for the 2016 KM Reality Award

KM Promise Award Finalists:

Access InnovationsIts Data Harmony software is customizable so solutions specifically meet clients’ data needs. Instead of forcing the customer’s data to fit into a rigid structure, Access Innovations starts by analyzing the data and developing a solution that is logical and works the way the client wants it to work. The company can optimize the software, teach clients to optimize the software or anything in between. The company improves its solutions and practices to meet clients’ changing needs and industry best practices. It enhances search by organizing information so clients can quickly find exactly what they need, enabling them to save time and money, increase sales and improve customer loyalty by making content easier to use. The solutions help them expand research and development by efficiently organizing information to discover new opportunities for growth.

Allegis GroupThe talent solutions provider connects people to opportunities to cultivate businesses and careers. It leverages advanced technology—including high-quality data housed in its applicant tracking system, client CRM and external sources—to drive the best matches between talent and job opportunities. The company has partnered with Search Technologies to develop a new search-and-match platform with highly accurate matching results. When complete, the search-and-match system will replace multiple complex search processes with a single view into the company’s talent, jobs, customers and contacts worldwide. Allegis Group takes a business object (a job) and compares it to a different business object (a candidate) and looks at all the data that those objects are connected to (through textual analysis, history, revenue and links to other world objects).

BA InsightBA Insight’s mission is to transform SharePoint intranets into powerful, internet-like platforms that improve the way organizations access information, enabling them to enhance productivity, reduce costs, deepen business insight and increase innovation. BA Insight’s software portfolio, which includes connectivity, classification, analytics and applications software, connects SharePoint users to the knowledge they need—linking SharePoint Online and SharePoint On-premise to key enterprise systems. It enhances KM portals and intranets and simplifies the implementation of internet-like search through the use of visual refiners and automatic tagging of content within and outside SharePoint. It also provides analytics that give insight into user behavior, which can drive improvements.

Cipher SystemsThe company’s Knowledge360 uses semantic search and analysis technology to save users time collecting, organizing and reporting information. The technology harnesses the natural language power of IBM Watson to automatically tag content, eliminating the need to set and manage keywords and allowing users to find information quickly and focus up to 45 percent more of their time on analysis. The platform serves as a knowledge management repository that aggregates and blends real-time news updates, competitor and financial information, field intelligence submitted via web application or email, and internal information and documents. All machine-readable content uploaded to the system, including the body copy of email submissions, is tagged and indexed using the semantic technology to help users discover hidden relationships within their data.

CryptzoneUsing metadata-driven, item-level security to restrict access to, encrypt, track and prevent emailing content based on the presence of sensitive and/or non-compliant information, Cryptzone’s Security Sheriff offers content-aware data loss protection capabilities for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and File Shares. Its granular approach to security limits access at the item level using secure metadata so companies can: automatically restrict access to and encrypt content based on the presence of sensitive data; detect potential violations and initiate workflows to remediate and minimize risk; utilize granular security to more effectively control access to and the distribution of sensitive data; and create audit trails and forensics to track access to sensitive data, ensuring transparency and accountability. Access is automatically restricted or granted regardless of location, eliminating the need for administrators to create special sites.

Jive SoftwareThe company offers communication and collaboration solutions for internal and external communities to enable people to work better together. Jive bridges IT infrastructure, breaks down silos and provides cohesive collaboration across systems of record, apps and devices. With deep bi-directional integrations, people can work in their favorite apps and tools while staying in sync through the interactive intranet. People profiles appear anytime a colleague is mentioned, and users can view others’ skills and recent activities as well as add endorsements for work well done. The service also includes an easy-to-navigate enterprise search tool and activity streams customized to the user. Working spaces for teams can be set up with customizable permissions. With one intranet spanning desktop and mobile systems that’s integrated with advanced analytics and built-in impact metrics, customers can gain deeper insights and cost-savings.

MetalogixMetalogix Essentials for Office 365 features the functionality IT administrators need to perform the lifecycle management of their Office 365 environment in a single, unified platform. From off/onboarding and day-to-day user and environmental optimization, to security and backup/restore operations, Essentials for Office 365 reduces administrative workload. It delivers: cloud migration - a fast way to effectively get users and data into Office 365; permissions management - unified onboarding, sunsetting and transference of permissions for Office 365 applications; comprehensive backup - back up all collaboration content and data to the cloud or on premises; license optimization - understand consumption and optimize license allocation for all Office 365 applications; and mailbox and drive provisioning - set up en masse or one-at-a-time mailbox and OneDrive for business user accounts.

PromappThe business process management software helps organizations build, improve and share their process knowledge from a central online repository. Its cloud-based software drives business process improvement by simplifying process mapping, so that teams can own and improve their own processes. Legacy business process management systems result in the creation of static, unchanging process documents that employees rarely use. In contrast, Promapp provides a central cloud-based repository of business processes, allowing employees across an organization to easily access processes whether they are in the office or in the field. Additionally, Promapp makes processes personal by allowing teams to collaboratively suggest and implement process improvements. The system is easy enough to use that everyone in an organization can identify and suggest changes to improve processes.

Red HatThe company provides open source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to reliable and high-performing cloud, Linux, middleware, storage and virtualization technologies. As a connective hub in a global network of enterprises, partners and open source communities, Red Hat helps create relevant, innovative technologies that liberate resources for growth and prepare customers for the future of IT. Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite is a comprehensive open source business process management platform that integrates a range of technologies from multiple open source projects, including business process management, business rules management, business resource planning and complex event processing. BPM Suite combines the three technologies most often needed to enable agile businesses: business process management, business rules management and complex event processing.

Seal SoftwareThe company develops contract discovery, data extraction and analytics solutions. With its machine learning and natural language processing technologies, companies can find contracts of any file type across their networks, quickly understand what risks or opportunities are hidden in their contracts and place them in a centralized repository. Seal Contract Discovery and Analytics addresses such pain points as: how to find contracts, extract clauses, render them for easy review, and populate corporate repositories and business systems with contract data. The software automatically discovers existing contractual documents from a wide range of document and image file types. It also automatically extracts key clause metadata and provides an easy format for further review, as well as a contract management platform with a fully searchable repository and obligation management tools.

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