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2009 Promise and Reality award finalists

InQuira—integrated customer experience platform that has three core capabilities: knowledgebase management (including authoring and workflow), semantic search, and advanced analytics and reporting.

Kapow Technologies—visual development and Web data automation platform designed for Fortune 1000 companies to create high-value business applications with no coding required.

Kofax—solutions that streamline the flow of information throughout an organization by managing the capture, transformation and exchange of business-critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats.

KYOS—scanning, forms processing and document management; makes every field on every form searchable, findable and usable.

LexisNexis—global information solutions to a wide range of professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.

Lucid Imagination—Apache Lucene and Solr open source search technologies, providing enterprise-grade support, consulting services and value-add software and tools.

Mark Logic—XML server capabilities to store, manage, enrich, search and dynamically deliver content. On top of the platform, customers and partners build information access and delivery solutions used by publishers, government agencies and other large enterprises to accelerate the creation of content applications.

Mindjet—personal productivity and collaboration solutions that visually connect ideas, information and people to save time, improve business processes and drive innovation.

MWH Global—a framework that brings together the key factors that positively impact the frequency, speed and rate of success for transforming knowledge and ideas into innovation (idea generation and management, production, distribution, communication and engagement, reward and recognition and value measurement).

NextLabs—cohesive solution for improving compliance and mitigating information risk by helping companies achieve safe and secure internal and external collaboration, prevent data loss and ensure proper authorization to applications and data.

Optical Image Technology—browser-based DocFinity products enable centralized and secure remote access to diverse business information and work processes. Products promote knowledge management by accelerating informed decision making, improving cost-efficiency and enabling superior customer service.

SAVO—provides an on-demand sales enablement platform that maximizes a sales organization’s ability to communicate value and differentiation in clear, consistent and compelling ways; allows organizations to capture tribal knowledge and subject matter experts in addition to formal content.

StreetSmarts—sales effectiveness and channel enablement solutions that combine social networking, collaboration, knowledge and content management to provide an enterprise knowledge automation solution designed to collect, capture and disseminate valuable organizational knowledge the moment it is required, available via any device, application or through the Web.

SYSPRO—manufacturing solutions enable manufacturers and distributors around the globe to lean and green their operations

The ADWEB Agency—a platform that delivers an out-of the-box solution for rapidly deploying and managing an intranet, extranet or portal.

Tomoye—for more than 12 years, focused exclusively on social learning in the enterprise, bringing together proven techniques with innovative approaches to leverage the insight of learners to help each other; tight integration with SharePoint.

Vineyardsoft—enterprisewide business activity monitoring application that combines business intelligence, alerts and workflow.

ZL Technologies—solutions for e-mail and files archiving for regulatory compliance, litigation support, corporate governance and storage management.

Vivisimo—truly flexible, scalable, enterprise-class search platform enhancing information access and knowledge sharing across an organization; innovation of clustering, conceptual search and social search.

ZyLAB North America— information access solutions and robust proprietary technologies for enterprise search; records, e-mail, document and knowledge management; compliance support as well as e-discovery and e-disclosure through multilanguage support, search, content analytics, document reviewing, and e-mail and records management (for both scanned and electronic documents). 

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