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2006 KMWorld Promise and Reality Awards finalists

KANA Software--IQ 9.1 Integrated solution that allows companies to deliver consistent, managed service across all channels, including e-mail, chat, call centers and Web self-service; features workflow capabilities for managing the process of translating and maintaining knowledgebase content in multiple languages.

KNOVA--KNOVA 7 Service resolution management suite delivering an adaptive resolution experience through knowledge management and self-learning, with features such as natural language processing, adaptive search and navigation and concept proximity indexing.

Kodak--Audience.com Developed by Kodak's Technical Knowledge Management Strategic Initiatives Team to provide a scalable, end-to-end solution to deliver self-generating, knowledge-rich Web sites for defined audiences by leveraging the capabilities of XML and content management.

Latitude Consulting Group--Ready Solutions A channel optimization framework that provides a structure to analyze, understand, control and optimize dealer channel performance.

Lombardi--TeamWorks BPM software built on open standards to provide ongoing visibility and control of business processes, increasing the speed and flexibility with which organizations manage process activity and decision-making.

Metastorm-- Metastorm BPM BPM software engineered to enable organizations to design, automate, integrate, control and improve critical human-centric and system-based business processes through streamlining workflow, system communication and collaboration.

Nervana--Nervana Discovery Solution Information discovery software that conceptually understands what a researcher needs to find and then searches across multiple information silos including unstructured databases (no manual tagging is required), intranets and the Internet.

OutStart--eKnowledge Software that offers formal and on-demand learning, knowledge sharing and community/expert collaboration solutions.

PortAuthority Technologies--PortAuthority 4.1 Delivers real-time, policy-based appliances for managing all types of knowledge data and information assets via outbound and internal communication channels.

SafeHarbor Technology--SmartSupport A managed self-service solution that leverages the company's expertise in knowledge management and the client's expertise around specific business issues and drivers.

SAVO--Sales Asset Manager Sales enablement solution that offers a "push" model for content delivery rather than a legacy "pull" model incorporated by many competing solutions.

Siderean Software--Seamark Navigator 4.0 Faceted navigation solution built on open, Web-based standards for accessing information stored in enterprise systems or in unstructured environments such as the Web.

Stellent--Governance, Risk and Compliance A framework that includes a common set of compliance services required by all types of regulations and gives organizations a centralized hub for risk and compliance documentation, assessment, analysis and loss information from all related parts of a business.

SYSPRO--SYSPRO 6.0 Integrated ERP software for distributors and manufacturers encompassing supply chain management, CRM, warehouse management, e-commerce, advanced planning and scheduling and business analytics.

Traction--Traction TeamPage Enterprise Weblog/wiki platform based on a Web-based hypertext journaling system, ensuring full audit trail; also social tagging across space, cross commenting and cross linking.

Valen Technologies--Predictive Analytics An automated process to validate and enrich data, create and deploy predictive models, develop reports and monitor the models in production for the property and casualty insurance industry.

Vivisimo--Velocity 5 Combine simplicity of consumer search with flexibility and control of enterprise software; allows knowledge workers to see the entire information landscape in a single view, without having to develop pre-set taxonomies.

ZipLip-- ZipLip Email Management Platform Software for e-mail archiving, compliance, secure e-mail and secure file collaboration with scalability and functionality for compliance and overall IT infrastructure consolidation.

ZyLAB--ZyIMAGE A comprehensive XML-based platform of advanced and secure technologies for federal and local government, as well as investigative bodies, that allows organizations to archive, search and retrieve digitized paper and electronic files, multimedia and e-mail and attachments.

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