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KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

Those of us who put the list together-colleagues, KM practitioners, theorists, customers, analysts and a few select users-know one thing for sure: Limiting the list to 100 companies is an extraordinarily difficult task. We could have very easily doubled its size.

And, just as we always do, we're setting ourselves up to take the heat that comes from creating any list of this kind. In years past, we failed to add some key organizations, and some companies we did select have flamed out altogether. Trust me, I heard about those sins of omission or commission. But however angrily the conversations or e-mails began, they ended with the desired result of creating the list in the first place-improving dialog and the understanding of knowledge management's role in the enterprise and, increasingly, in small- and medium-sized businesses. And, remember, we consider knowledge management to be an attitude, not an application.

Inclusion last year certainly didn't guarantee being on the list this time. But, that said, more than a few companies have appeared on the list every year since we first published it in 2000. As is the case with each of the companies, inclusion is based on the breadth and impact of their innovations and on the value they provide to the entire constituency chain.

Any list such as this is a work in progress, and so it is with this one. We're always on the lookout for groundbreaking new solutions or elegant modifications to existing ones. As we move through 2011, we'll likely add a few companies and make necessary changes caused by mergers or acquisitions. Visit our site regularly to check on any updates. Plus, we encourage you to spend time on the companies' sites to get to know them and their solutions better.

We should emphasize again that the list is but a signpost for the ever-evolving and expanding knowledge management universe. We invite discussion and encourage you to contact us regarding KM tools and services you find especially valuable. Vendors: Ask your customers to tell us how your solutions have benefited their business. Analysts: Give us a heads up when you discover especially interesting software and emerging trends. Theorists: Keep us apprised of your work.

The Companies

ABBYY — Optical character recognition, document capture and language software for both PC and mobile devices. To learn more, read ABBYY USA's CEO Dean Tang's View from the Top.

Acquia — Products, services and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system. To learn more, read Acquia CEO Tom Erickson's View from the Top.

Actuate - the Xenos Group — Intelligent information solutions that facilitate efficient structured and unstructured data transformation.

Adobe — Creator of multimedia and creativity software products with emphasis on rich Internet application software development.

Alfresco — Open source enterprise content management system developer for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems.

Alterian — Platform combining campaign management, Web content management, e-mail and social media monitoring tools for marketers.

AnyDoc Software — Automated document, data capture and classification solutions. To learn more, read AnyDoc President Samuel L. Schrage's View from the Top.

Appian — Business process management software, including solutions to mobile devices, cloud computing and social business.

Apple — Business and consumer software and hardware.

Applied Knowledge Group — SharePoint implementations that create intranet, extranet and Web site solutions, complete consulting services and customized training.

APQC — Member-based nonprofit and one of the world's leading proponents of knowledge management, benchmarking and best practices business research.

ASG Software Solutions — Professional services and software solutions for management of metadata, applications, operations, content, performance management, security and infrastructure.

Attensity — Integrated suite of business applications for customer experience management using patented semantic technologies.

Autonomy — Enterprise infrastructure software designed to help organizations derive meaning and value from information and mitigate the associated risks.

AvePoint — Infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint.

BA-Insight — Enterprise information access unifying search with business intelligence.

BP Logix — Tools enabling business users to anticipate and predict potential problems in recurring business processes.

Brainware — Data capture and search solutions designed to improve control of data-driven business processes. To learn more, read Brainware President James Zubok's View from the Top.

Bridgeway Software — Software and professional services to implement best practices for the offices of the general counsel and corporate secretary.

Citrix Online — Remote-connectivity and collaboration tools.

Clearwell Systems — End-to-end e-discovery for identification, collection, processing, analysis, review and product

Concept Searching — Concept search, taxonomy management and automatic document classification. For more information read, Concept Searching, CEO/CTO, John Challis' View from the Top.

Connotate — Automated Web data monitoring for collecting, analysis and distribution of high volumes of unstructured Web data.

Consona — ERP, CRM and knowledge management software and services.

Content Analyst — Search and analytics unstructured text. To learn more, read Content Analyst President and CEO Kurt Michel's View from the Top.

Coveo — Modular and scalable enterprise search platform that indexes information stored in various repositories throughout the enterprise.

CubeTree — Enterprise collaboration suite integrating social networking features

Darwin Ecosystem — Technology that applies chaos theory principles to reveal emerging patterns and correlations.

Digital Reef — Software for e-discovery and digital information governance.

eGain — Customer service and contact center software for in-house or on-demand deployment.

Ektron — .Net Web content management integrated with marketing optimization and social software. To learn more, read Ektron Founder & CEO Bill Rogers' View from the Top.

EMC — Information infrastructure technology and solutions that enable organizations to transform the way they compete and create value from information.

Endeca — Search and business intelligence software.

EPiServer — Content, community, commerce and communication tools combined with a configurable metrics dashboard.

eTouch — Enterprise and consulting services.

Exalead — Search-based application platform for business and government.

Expert System — Semantic technology that interprets relationships, trends and events contained in unstructured text. To learn more, see Expert System CEO Stefano Spaggiari's View from the Top.

EXSYS — Software that provides non-programmers a new way to easily build interactive Web applications. To learn more, read Exsys CEO & President Dustin Huntington's View from the Top.

FatWire — Technology platform for organizations to optimize online customer engagement.

Global 360 — Process and case management solutions to improve business performance by maximizing the productivity of all participants involved in a process.

Google — Technology solutions for search, voice, analytics, documents, geospacial applications, etc.

Guidance Software — Digital forensics, cyber security and e-discovery solutions.

H5 — Search and information analysis technologies

HP/HP TRIM, HP Enterprise Services (EDS) — Enterprise records management, business process outsourcing.

IBM — Complete portfolio of enterprise content technologies and solutions.

IGLOO Software — Social intranet and extranet solutions.

InQuira — Solutions to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Integrify — Lean BPM solutions.

IRREVO — Technology to gather, share, implement and track the application of content standards and best practices.

ISYS Search Software — Embedded search and universal information access solutions. To learn more, read ISYS CEO Scott Coles' View from the Top.

Jive Software — Social networking, collaboration software, community software, and social media monitoring.

JustSystems — Content lifecycle solutions.

KANA — Solutions that unify business process, case and knowledge management for customer service organization.

Kapow Software — Automated data integration.

Kofax — Data capture and workflow solutions.

Lucid Imagination — Apache Solr/Lucene open source enterprise search technology.

MarkLogic — Purpose-built database for unstructured information.

Metalogix — Content lifecycle management solutions for SharePoint. To learn more, read Metalogix VP of Global Marketing Mandy Sadowski's View from the Top.

Metastorm — BPM, business process analysis and enterprise architecture.

MicroLink — Business intelligence, information discovery, portal and collaboration solutions.

Microsoft — Complete software solutions for home and office.

Mindbreeze — Enterprise search, information access and data cognition. To learn more, read Mindbreeze Managing Director Daniel Fallmann's View from the Top.

Moxie Software — Enterprise social software for employee and customer engagement.

NewsGator Technologies — Enterprise social computing solutions with direct integration with SharePoint's collaboration platform.

NextPage — Information governance solutions through tracking, managing and enabling disposition of documents.

Noetix — Instant operational reporting and packaged analytics for Oracle applications. To learn more, read Noetix Corporation CEO Morris Beton's View from the Top.

North Plains — Digital asset and publishing process management.

Nuxeo — Open source enterprise content management.

Omtool — Technologies for document-intensive processes.

OpenText — Collaborative commerce solutions for e-business that enable users to extend and build CRM, SCM and ERP applications.

Oracle — Integrated business software and hardware systems.

Portal Solutions — Knowledge optimization through integration, organization and presentation.

Quest Software — Solutions for application management, database management, Windows management and IT management.

Raytion — Solutions for enterprise search, digital archiving, portals and collaboration.

Recommind — E-discovery, enterprise search and information governance.

Reprints Desk — Solutions for companies to obtain and use scientific, technical and medical literature.

RightAnswers — Knowledge management, self-service and knowledgebase development tools.

Rivet Logic — Solutions for content management, collaboration and community. To learn more, read Rivet Logic President & CEO Mike Vertal's View From the Top.

Salesforce — CRM software solutions and enterprise cloud computing.

SAP BusinessObjects — Business intelligence, information management performance management governance solutions.

SAS — Framework that enables organizations to maximize the value of information within large quantities of text. To learn more, read SAS CEO Jim Goodnight's View from the Top.

SchemaLogic — Metadata management software for enterprise content. To learn more, read SchemaLogic President & CEO Jeff Dirks' View from the Top.

SDL Structured Content Technologies; SDL Web Content Mgmt Solutions —Solutions to deliver a targeted customer experience. To learn more, read SDL Structured Content Technologies Sr. VP Howard Schwartz and Web Content Management Solutions CEO's Jan Jaap Kolleman View from the Top.

Search Technologies — Search engine implementation and tuning.

Siteworx — Solutions for search, analytics, Web content management and Web strategy. To learn more, read Siteworx President, Tim McLaughlin's View from the Top.

Smartlogic — Taxonomy management and automatic classification.

Socialcast — Real-time enterprise activity stream engine for instant collaboration in a secure environment.

Socialtext — Social networking software for microblogging, blogs, wikis, profiles and social spreadsheets.

Sophia Search — Contextually aware enterprise search solutions.

SpringCM — Content management in the cloud.

StoredIQ — Range of integrated solutions for fast response to litigation and investigations.

SumTotal — Complete talent management solutions.

Symantec — Security, storage and systems management solutions.

Traction Software — Robust enterprise blogs and wikis.

Unify — Information management and e-discovery solutions.

Verint — Solutions to capture, distill and analyze information sources, such as voice, video and unstructured text.

Vivisimo — Search and information optimization solutions. To learn more, read Vivisimo, CEO, John Kealey's View from the Top.

Wall Street Network — Knowledge management for SharePoint.

Workshare — Document collaboration software.

ZyLAB — E-discovery and information management solutions.

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