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2011 KMWorld Promise award finalist: KOM Networks

KOM Networks

The ever growing amount of digital information drives an ever expanding need to protect and preserve digital assets. Organizations adopting innovative technologies to capture, create and author digital data understand the value of these assets and recognize the necessity of implementing secure mechanisms to preserve the integrity of data.

Historically, data preservation was very expensive in terms of acquisition costs, performance, user accessibility and application compatibility. However, data preservation is not only mandated by complex compliance regulations but is now a fundamental requirement for business sustainability.

KOMplianceTM provides everything needed to create and manage a universal secure repository that keeps your data private and protects it from any modification, deletion, unauthorized access, malicious acts or corruption; satisfying the most stringent compliance policies. Using your existing FC and iSCSI SAN storage or internal storage capacity, KOMpliance's patented eWORM technology creates secure storage volumes to protect and secure your data.

Familiarity and ease-of-use are key components of the KOMpliance solution. Deployed as a Network Attached File Server, KOMpliance leverages your organization's knowledge, administrative know-how, expertise and familiarity with the use cases of NAS filers, including their value proposition.

Powered by Windows and built on standard enterprise-class hardware, KOMpliance comes pre-configured and pre-installed with our storage management software suite. There are no hidden costs and no learning curves; all existing active directory groups and policies can be applied painlessly.

Recognizing that compliant data storage is often inhibited by budgetary constraints and vendor/technology lock-down, KOM offers large and small enterprises in highly regulated industries an affordable, comprehensive tamper-proof secure storage solution. As providers of data protection we recognize that it is YOUR data. Our role is only to protect it and only for as long as your organization wants. Hence, there is no vendor lock down. KOMpliance is both an easy opt-in or opt-out for any organization wanting to see if KOMpliance meets their needs.

KOMpliance adds significant value with the most advanced features and capabilities including, Automated Policy-Driven File Retention, Protection & Access controls, Encryption & Data Security at Rest, Secure Data Shredding, and unalterable WORM Storage on any HDD Array for directory and file level protection that prevents threats from outside the context of applications. The integrated Privacy Shield Security assures verifiable application audits (logs are accurate and true) and enforces data security, protection and retention cradle-to-grave.

With an extensive portfolio of technology partners, KOMpliance extends Secure Archive Storage across different verticals and industries to Enterprise Applications (ECM, DMS-Financials-PACS, RIS & Other Healthcare Applications-as well as SharePoint and Email archiving applications).

For more than four decades, KOM Networks has provided patented, flexible, secure and compliant storage management software and solutions to more than 10,000 customers in highly regulated industries including, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Utilities, Manufacturing, Government & Public Sector.

Find out how KOM Networks can help you implement a comprehensive information lifecycle solution to optimize your existing storage environment and meet your compliance requirements.

Contact us at 1-613-599-7205 or 1-888-556-6462, sales@komnetworks.com, or visit our website for more information, www.komnetworks.com.

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