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The end of books?

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Connecting across gaps

And that teaches us something important about knowledge itself, something reinforced by our daily sojourns
on the internet: The structure of knowledge is dense, and our paths through it are carved not just by its contours but by our interests and concerns. The tight structuring of a nonfiction book now can appear to be an imposing of limits on knowledge that by its nature wants to connect across gaps, forming unexpected, alluring
pathways and webs. Gladwellized books keep us interested by doing that leaping for us.

I write books. I like books. Over the years, mine have become more exploratory, linking ideas in ways that I hope are illuminating and interesting. But I understand if something in one of my books so interests or irks you that you put it down and go out to the web. In fact, I’d be happy if I knew you were doing that.

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