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  • March 18, 2009
  • News

ShareMethods unveils ShareSpaces

ShareMethods has released ShareSpaces, the latest addition to the company’s flagship on-demand collaborative document management service. The company explains that ShareSpaces are private, interactive workspaces for creating, managing and sharing content and files with individuals and partners throughout an organization’s ecosystem in a controlled and secure environment.

Further, says ShareMethods, ShareSpaces enable companies to connect everyone in the sales and marketing value chain—prospects, customers, salespeople, partners and marketing and advertising teams—into social workspaces where they can collaborate and close more deals, faster. ShareSpaces’ three-step wizard makes it easy to set up fully brand-specific ShareSpaces by creating document categories and inviting users with defined roles for collaboration. Content can be copied and distributed between ShareSpaces, allowing companies and partners to create hierarchical and interconnected networks of social workspaces. ShareSpaces also include support for document versioning, workflow and community features such as rating, reviews and tagging.

The company highlights some of the key ShareSpaces applications:

  • business partner ShareSpace—allows interaction with partners and resellers including exchange of sales, marketing and product documents to support sales activities and to maximize revenue from partner sales;
  • customer opportunity ShareSpace—enables sharing a variety of sales materials with new business prospects and key customers including proposals, pricing, spec sheets and more;
  • Sales Contract ShareSpace—facilitates working with sales prospects and external legal counsel on contracts, allowing the creation, modification and contract signing to all occur within the ShareSpace;
  • ad agency ShareSpace—enables collaboration with ad agencies and design firms on the creation and approval of new branding images and ad creative.
ShareSpaces is fully integrated with Salesforce.com and Oracle CRM On-Demand.

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