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Trend-Setting Product of 2015: Brainspace:
Brainspace Discovery™

Brainspace Discovery™ 5 is the most advanced product for analyzing unstructured data on the market today. From intelligent data preparation to exploration and collaboration, business professionals, analysts, and domain experts can use Discovery 5 to make decisions, evaluate and mitigate risks, and uncover insights and opportunities.

Discovery 5 is powered by Brainspace™, our patented, large-scale machine learning platform. Brainspace rapidly ingests millions of pages of unstructured text, dynamically learning and constructing Brains without taxonomies or ontologies. This learning is surfaced through advanced, interactive visualizations, giving the full power of Brainspace to every user. Our Dashboard, Concept Cluster Wheel, and Communication Network Graph are dynamically linked to provide multiple perspectives on any result set.

With best-in-class transparent concept search, users can provide a sentence, paragraph or even full pages of text to retrieve conceptually related documents, ranked by contextual relevance.

All new in Brainspace Discovery 5.2 is our unique approach to document classification (predictive coding). Incorporating multiple active learning methods, Brainspace Discovery ?accelerates system training, depth for recall analysis (for cost planning), and delivers best-in-industry matching results.

Designed with scalability in mind, Brainspace can distribute its most data-intensive processes across multiple servers.

Use cases include e-discovery, investigations, information governance, intelligence, pharmaceutical research and development, and patent research.

2130 Commerce Street
Dallas, Texas 75201 USA

Email: Sales@brainspace.com
Tel (Sales): 1-800-252-0959
Tel (Gen): 1-214-785-2400
Web: http://brainspace.com/

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