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KMWorld NewsLinks - December 01, 2020


From back-end developers to mission-critical workplace automation: The low-code advantage

The advantages of workplace automation are predicated on improving enterprise efficiency, which typically takes two forms: perfecting the automated steps in workflows and uncovering new processes to automate.


Serviceaide acquires Wendia to expand automation capabilities

The acquisition will enable customers to deliver new levels of intelligent service and support powered by AI, knowledge, and automation

Stravito offers AI-powered information discovery solution

New feature pushes market research of relevance to users so they can make insights-driven decisions without having to actively search for information

Canadian company launches conversational AI for interfacing with databases on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure customers can use AutoQL to streamline access to data for everyone from executives to analysts and front-line workers

KM In Practice

Renault Argentina transforms finance department

ABBYY helped Renault Argentina automate a completely manual invoice processing system that was slow and prone to error