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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 21, 2020


THE SMART MONEY: Decoupling financial services for cross-departmental big data integration

Monetizing data while complying with regulations in finance is increasingly dependent on the ability to decouple the enterprise—across departments, business lines, and individual services.

Adding Cognitive Features to KM Part 1 (Video)

Nalco Champion's Dynisha Klugh and TechnipFMC's Kim Glover discuss how and why voice recognition, natural-language processing, and multi-language are useful to KM in part 1 of this clip from KMWorld 2019.


Hyland creates way to digitize specific credentials via blockchain

Solution provides verifiable, digital credentials for educational records in a blockchain-secured format

Altair releases set of comprehensive updates to Panopticon

Cloud-based deployment enables users to build, modify, and share their own custom-designed functions and content easily via standard web browsers

Creatio highlights new tools for stronger document management

The solutions boost the process of managing documents

KM In Practice

Evans deploys machine vision AI to improve warehouse operations

The ADLINK Edge Smart Pallet solution improves accuracy and efficiency


5 ways to improve CX with AI-infused knowledge management

By making the most relevant information shareable and reusable across the organization, AI-infused KM tools can bring an organization closer to the holy grail of frictionless service