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KMWorld NewsLinks - April 07, 2020


10 Facets of KM (Video)

Kim Glover, TechnipFMP director, knowledge management, discusses Dr. Denise Bedford's "10 Facets of KM," and how to bring KM into the future in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.


Capacity’s latest platform update enhances worker productivity

With the introduction of new features, Capacity provides a more comprehensive support automation platform for organizations.

Hyland adds more file formats within the Document Filters platform

Document Filters delivers a deeper inspection of file contents, seamless rendering and annotating, and the ability to easily transform and output content

Accenture completes acquisition of ESR Labs

Helps automotive companies drive greater value from software

KM In Practice

Leading U.K. Port Group selects K2 Software to accelerate companywide digital process automation

PD Ports develops more than 20 applications on K2's intelligent process automation platform to optimize business efficiency for mission-critical processes throughout its organization


Virtual agents can take enterprise service management to new levels

The time is right to focus on the role of virtual agents in improving customers' service experiences

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing and AI begin to grow together

How do we manage the hype and promise for new inventions while making sure that they represent a realistic opportunity? Can we invent self-driving cars or a Boeing 737 MAX without exposure to the risks these innovations can pose to our lives?