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KMWorld NewsLinks - February 04, 2020


How to Structure a KM Team (Video)

Collins Aerospace's Lynda Braksiek and Emie Timmerman discuss essential knowledge and change strategies in KM team-building in this clip from their presentation at KMWorld 2019.


Using knowledge graphs and search for decision intelligence

From automated fraud detection and intelligent chatbots to dynamic risk analysis and content-based recommendation engines, knowledge graphs and machine learning are on the rise

M-Files and Konica Minolta deepen alliance

The partnership will enable users to benefit from Konica Minolta's existing document management solutions, strengthened by the M-Files next generation intelligent information management platform

UJET helps organizations secure customer and user data with latest data protection and privacy certifications

Ensures the protection of customer and user data while in-transit and at-rest

KM In Practice

Mapping and geospatial analytics software company future-proofs digital foundation

With Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, Esri's development time has improved by 20%-50%

Cognitive Computing

Talk a little, type a lot - Will conversational interfaces survive Siri and Alexa?

For the next generation of conversational computing, it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the only companies that have enough researchers, enough processing resources, enough motivation, and, above all, enough data to deliver the much- needed improvements are the consumer giants.