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KMWorld NewsLinks - January 17, 2017


KM past and present: making the most of your resources

It would not be an exaggeration to say that knowledge management is experiencing a quantum leap. With the advent of big data, forays into AI and great volumes of sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT), there is a new frontier that deserves exploring.


NICE Introduces New Customer Interaction Analytics Solution

Nexidia Analytics incorporates capabilities from NICE and the company's Nexidia acquisition

New IntelliChief ECM Release Adds Configurable Index Panels

Eliminates the need to key data into ERP accounts payable non-purchase order invoice data

Relecura Unveils Knowledge Management Features in Intellectual Property Intelligence Platform

New modules apply flexible KM capabilities to patent analysis

KM In Practice

The Henry Ford heightens its digital channels visibility

New system helps drive visits to the museum and provides an opportunity for visitors to view all its assets from anywhere in the world. For example, when the Rosa Parks story was launched online, within six months, 43,000 people visited the website and spent a total of 265,000 minutes on that story alone.