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KMWorld NewsLinks - July 25, 2023


The future of search: Conversational, semantic, and vectorized models

The motions impacting search will likely continue apace for the foreseeable future. The coalescing of different techniques, from vector search to semantic search, keyword search to federated search, and more, will likely continue to deliver the most relevant results to users and the models underpinning these mechanisms.


FedML closes on $11.5M funding round to help enterprises build custom large language models

With many businesses eager to train or fine-tune custom AI models on company-specific and/or industry data, FedML allows them to do so

Navigating the challenges and advantages of generative AI for KM

Experts in KM joined KMWorld's webinar to explore AI's potential and drawbacks, offering ways in which AI can be leveraged to invite transformative, modern KM

Bloomfire acquires Seva to bring generative AI to its knowledge management offerings

The joint forces will empower businesses to provide seamless access to the right information at the right time

Teleport Assist combines chat-based AI with cloud infrastructure management

DevOps teams can now use AI to chat with cloud environments