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KMWorld NewsLinks - May 16, 2023


IoT forging new pathways to innovation

The value in using IoT for knowledge management and decision support is found in the analytics conducted on the data that comes in from the sensors.


Deloitte and Google Cloud expand partnership with focus on generative AI

Deloitte will build industry solutions and use cases with Google Cloud's Generative AI technologies

Clootrack integrates ChatGPT into its CX analytics process

Clootrack integrates ground-breaking OpenAI technologies to revolutionize CX insights and improve efficiency for precise, granular insights

Ringover introduces AI conversation intelligence platform for sales and customer service

Ringover places AI at the heart of customer experience with new tool

Maptician Visitor Management eases hybrid work experiences

Visitor Management increases the efficiency of internal teams and colleagues, while improving the overall security and compliance of office operations