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KMWorld NewsLinks - May 24, 2022


Nitro's electronic signature solution helps companies meet changing compliance regulations

Company is launching its electronic signature capabilities in North America and Australia

Planview to acquire Tasktop to build the future of connected work

Technology pioneers combine to enable business transformations that are faster, more efficient, and delivered with more confidence and impact

Splashtop makes remote work easier with its remote access and support solution

Splashtop Enterprise now enables end users to request help right from a desktop icon and talk live with technicians during a troubleshooting session

KM In Practice

Hertz chooses AWS to better serve global customers

Leading vehicle rental company seeks to accelerate digital CX and sustainable mobility

The Future of the Future

DAOs, NFTs, Web 3.0, and the metaverse: What does it all mean?

We can look at Web 3.0 as the next decentralization/virtualization stage of the internet. Here, blockchain-linked tokens, including NFTs, are integral to DAOs, which are frequently promoted as a gateway to the metaverse.