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Splashtop makes remote work easier with its remote access and support solution

Splashtop is introducing a robust new feature set for Splashtop Enterprise, an all-in-one remote access and support solution that empowers employees to work from anywhere on any device.

The new features enable more possibilities for secure remote work, simplify connection workflows and increase efficiency for help desk technicians and end users, according to the vendor.

“We know that the needs of our customers are ever-changing, and customer feedback factors greatly into our product planning. In order to provide a better experience for end-users and technicians, we’ve made significant product enhancements. With this release we focused on making it easier for end users to ask for help, improving technician and end user communication, more seamless collaboration between technicians, and more robust security and compliance knobs,” said Annie Chen, VP of product for Splashtop.

 New Splashtop Enterprise enhancements include: 

  • SOS Call: End users now have their own remote support “easy button.” When in need of help, they simply double click on the SOS Call app on their desktop to request a support session, making it fast and convenient to get help. The session will be routed to the appropriate technician support queue.
  • Voice Call: At any time during a remote support session, the technician can initiate a voice call to talk live with the end user. This can expedite the troubleshooting process and improve the customer experience.
  • Seamless Technician Collaboration: With the new technician collaboration feature, up to two additional technicians can be invited to a session, promoting maximum efficiency of the team and increasing first call resolutions.
  • Virtual Field Service Support with Augmented Reality: Splashtop AR is a new feature that allows remote technicians to view physical locations using mobile camera sharing. A technician can use two-way AR annotation capabilities and voice to guide, train, troubleshoot and resolve onsite technology issues. Other capabilities include freezing the frame for focus, session recording and the ability to turn on the mobile device flashlight.

Splashtop Connector feature allows IT administrators to remotely access computers on internal networks that may not have internet access or allow third-party apps to be installed.

IT can securely bridge Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections to Windows computers and servers through Splashtop without installing additional software on those endpoints and without the need for a VPN. Users can also leverage existing Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to enjoy individual desktop sessions on the same computer or remotely run a specific application without connecting to a full remote desktop.

Splashtop Enterprise now offers IP whitelisting, allowing businesses to restrict access to specific IP addresses and further mitigating potential risk of unauthorized access.

For businesses with strict auditing and disaster recovery processes, Splashtop can now integrate with Security Information and Events Management (SIEM) solutions such as Splunk or SumoLogic to automatically log events and session details, lifting the burden from IT administrators.

For more information about these features, visit www.splashtop.com.

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