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KMWorld NewsLinks - July 20, 2021


Mastering blockchain for traceability and trust

The unalterable nature of blockchain data means the consistency and correctness createan unassailable trust for numerous enterprise use cases.


Sinequa brings intelligent search to Microsoft Teams

By extending its search technology to Teams, Sinequa is helping enterprises elevate productivity and enable better decision making

ServiceNow transforms hybrid work with new capabilities

Enhancements to the Workplace Service Delivery solution supports consumer-grade employee experiences and optimizes real estate planning, enabling productivity and flexibility in the new world of work

Adobe introduces Adobe Experience Manager Screens as a Cloud Service

Screens as a Cloud Service is designed to provide IT teams, store operations, and marketers the tools they need to manage their digital signage projects

KM In Practice

BT simplifies information access and collaboration

Global communications services and solutions company is focused on further digitizing and automating its processes to deliver standout customer experiences