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January 2007 [Volume 16, Issue 1]


Business analytics—a market in transition

The business analytics (BA) software market—comprised of data warehousing tools, business intelligence tools and analytic applications—has been growing steadily even as spending on business software has slowed in the past five years.

BPM evolution brings automation, integration and analysis

Evolving business process management (BPM) capabilities are improving process automation, allowing deeper integration with Microsoft Office, and offering a better understanding of process efficiency through use of business intelligence (BI).

Combining business and practice: KM and the law

As one of the most knowledge-intensive "industries" around, the legal profession is perfectly suited for knowledge management. A global study by Curve Consulting (curveconsulting.com), which was referred to in our October 2006 issue (page 1), finds that while firms are quick to acknowledge KM's value to the practice of law, most have yet to embrace it on the business side.

Blogs and wikis: ready for prime time?

Blogs began springing up more than a decade ago as a way for individuals to maintain online diaries, voice their opinions on politics and vent about consumer products. They proliferated rapidly, and thousands became millions. Tainted perhaps by the image of bloggers as gossipmongers, blogs were not taken seriously as enterprise applications until fairly recently.

The Readers speak-10th Anniversary KMWorld Readers' Choice Awards

About 11 years ago, a group of us were starting to ask ourselves whether all this "information management stuff" might have a greater purpose than merely to store information in a file server somewhere. That maybe—just maybe—information could be applied to the type of work and to the level of decision-making taking place in business at such a famously accelerated pace. And in providing that information to the right person at the right time, the promise of a truly knowledge-based economy could be realized. In the 10 years since ImagingWorld became KMWorld magazine, we've tried to address the discipline (practice? theory? religion?) of knowledge management from each of its well-known constituent components—people, process, technology.

The Annual BPM Solutions: Appian Corporation

Appian Corporation: Enterprise BPM Suite

The Annual BPM Solutions: Metastorm

Metastorm, Inc.: BPM Software Suite

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2006: EMC

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: EMC

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2006: KANA

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: Kana

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2006: IBM + FileNet

IBM + FileNet Global leaders in Enterprise Content & Business Process Management KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statements: IBM + FileNet

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2006: Stellent

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: Stellent

KMWorld Readers' Choice Award 2006: Tower Software

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: Tower Software

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: docHarbor

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: Exsys, Inc.

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement: ISYS Search Software, Inc.

KMWorld Corporate Positioning Statement:: KANA

News Analysis

Electronic content-a federal case

Newly amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) concerning electronically stored information took effect in all federal courts on Dec. 1, 2006. This affects a large number of constituencies, ranging from CIOs to records managers to lawyers and judges.

Appian in sync with Vista and Office 2007

ECM consolidation continues


David Weinberger

Open science—good fit for the digital age

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: The role of ITIL in building the enterprise of the future

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