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July/August 2006, [Vol 15, Issue 7]


The key to the future: Intelligent document recognition

Intelligent data capture: a trend only beginning Part 1

Transportation: Communities of practice leverage knowledge

The U.S. highway system is a part of the nation’s critical infrastructure, one on which our economy and security are highly dependent. A complex mix of legislative, technical and environmental information goes into sustaining that infrastructure. Keeping the highway system running smoothly is an ongoing challenge, best accomplished when information is shared quickly and efficiently.

IBM's KM strategy

KM for law firms--legal or not?

Law firms have lots of choices when it comes to software; dozens of programs are available for such functions as case management, practice management, document assembly and trial presentation. Those popular products often are a great match for a law firm's needs. However, sometimes a solution based on a generic KM platform, rather than a dedicated legal product, works best.

The Legal Market Sourcebook: Brainware

The Legal Market Sourcebook: Tower Software

The Legal Market Sourcebook: Zylab

Announcing The First KMWorld Readers’ Poll

In early June we asked the readers of KMWorld NEWSLINKS to vote for the leading vendors serving the Legal Industry.

News Analysis

Getting answers to questions

AIIM '06: good news for KM users

KM-critical capture


David Weinberger

The philosophy of business knowledge

I've been crawling through a book my favorite college professor gave me a couple of years ago. It's very hard because no topic causes philosophers to tangle themselves up quite so much as does knowledge. You get a philosopher trying to know knowledge and you will soon be lost in a circle of meta-knowing that spawns its own language before cycling into unknowability.

The Future of the Future

The Future of the Future: The power of online learning systems

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