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DBI Technologies, Inc.

DBI Technologies, Inc.
  • 162 -2025 Corydon Avenue, Suite 242
  • Winnipeg Manitoba R3P 0N5
  • Canada
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Credibility - knowing that the information before you is accurate and contextually relevant.

Bring to fore the metadata that gives credibility to the content we consume. With automated accuracy, xAIgent extracts the contextually relevant metadata from any text-based content of any subject domain, giving content immediate credibility. In Context of Your Needs.

DBI Technologies Inc. is a commercial software company supplying its clients with software for visualizing Enterprise Resource Data. Resource Data that encompasses physical, human and informational assets, which DBI does in two ways:  One, by offering Developers and Knowledge Workers with the right tools for elevating the findability of Enterprise Informational Resources under the xAIgent banner.  xAIgent’s suite of applications and services automatically surfaces Contextually Accurate Metadata about any subject matter content, applying those metadata to each content profile making those Enterprise Informational Resources Contextually Relevant and Accurately Findable.

DBi’s second approach for visualizing enterprise resource data is by expressing and simplifying the complexities of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with tools capable of visualizing up to five data dimensions in a single Gantt style, drag and drop interface.

DBI is an industry leader in the implementation of commercial component-based application development software and services, supplying creative solutions for our clients, incorporating current technologies built on commercially sound architectures. DBI sets the standard for development environment compliant component architectures and industry customer service. Built to scalable specifications and the most demanding customer requirements. DBI component-based software and services perform with precision and with implementation ease.

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