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Jonathan B. Spira

Jonathan B. Spira is CEO and chief analyst of Basex (

Articles by Jonathan B. Spira

Knowledge worker: Do you relate?

Despite the fact that there are 56 million of us out there, people continue to struggle both with the definition of a knowledge worker as well as with self-identification.

The Collaboration 3.0 approach

From knowledge to distraction

Electronic content-a federal case

Newly amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) concerning electronically stored information took effect in all federal courts on Dec. 1, 2006. This affects a large number of constituencies, ranging from CIOs to records managers to lawyers and judges.

Lost knowledge: file not found

Step up to the knowledge economy

In the past decade, a new and unprecedented challenge for companies of all sizes has arisen, one that may very well mean life or death for a particular organization. That challenge is finding a way to successfully capture and communicate the knowledge within it.

Getting answers to questions

The knowledge imperative

[Editor's note: The first part of this article, "The $60 Billion Challenge," appeared in the April 2006 KMWorld.]

The $60 billion challenge

The challenge facing vendors of knowledge-sharing and collaboration tools (representing a $60 billion market in the aggregate) is in helping their customers move from an industrial age mindset to a knowledge economy mindset. It's actually not a challenge, it's an imperative.

A business plan for disaster

As a result of the three-day New York City transit strike in December, the millions of commuters who regularly travel into Manhattan or throughout the five boroughs had to find an alternate means of transportation or an alternate workplace.

The high cost of interruptions

Time to (re)innovate the office?

In praise of knowledge workers

The road to Istanbul

Privacy in the collaborative business environment

Collaborative government knowledge

IBM’s brave new workplace