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Jane Dysart

Principal - Dysart & Jones Associates

Jane Dysart is KMWorld 2017 chair ( and principal at Dysart & Jones Associates.

Articles by Jane Dysart

People Power, Thinking & Tech

People are at the core of knowledge sharing—the key to high-functioning organizations along with all types of thinking including design, customer-focused, creative, critical, complex and more

Hacking KM: people, processes, and technology

Hacking and hackathons are perhaps better known in the geek community, but KMWorld 2016 is taking a page from their book with our theme, Hacking KM, and is looking to hack—or change in our case—our ideas, strategies and practices in using processes and technology to engage our communities.

KMWorld 2015 conference: Agile knowledge sharing

Being agile is critical. Agile can mean applying an incremental and iterative approach, or evolving through collaboration between self-organizing and cross-functional teams to promote early delivery, continuous improvement and rapid response to change.

KMWorld 2011 Conference, Nov. 1 to 3,
Washington, D.C.:
KM trends, practices & conversations

Conversations and communities

Eras of KM addressed at conference

Knowledge emerges through interaction of people in clusters