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Capture Software Nets Discounts & Savings for Freight Payment Services Provider FlexiCapture Software Helps Trendset Continue Setting Trends.

Trendset, a provider of advanced freight accounting and payment solutions, found itself stymied by a daily mountain of paperwork that severely limited the number of documents it could process for its customers. However, the deployment of ABBYY’s FlexiCapture Studio software has dramatically changed Trendset’s data processing operations. In fact, Trendset’s data entry operation is far more productive than it ever was. The Problem: A Daily Mountain of Paperwork One of the most important services provided by Trendset is pre-auditing, which is by far the most efficient form of freight bill inspection. Enabled by proprietary Web-based accounting programs, Trendset’s pre-auditing of freight bills is an ongoing process of checks and balances.

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