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Trend-Setting Product of 2016: EMC: EMC Leap

EMC:EMC Leap—Content Apps for the Digital Era

“The nature of work is changing. Businesses need to collaborate digitally with customers, partners, suppliers, and employees—in real time, from any device. This requires intuitive, cloud-based apps that let them easily co-create, contribute, and share information—and coordinate efforts. Collaboration is also a vital part of business processes, and enterprises can lose critical context when collaboration is disconnected from the business focus. It requires fundamentally re-imagining content collaboration. EMC’s LEAP suite makes that LEAP,” shared Melissa Webster, Program Vice President, Content and Digital Media Technologies, IDC.

EMC LEAP is a fundamentally different approach to enterprise content management (ECM), one which re-imagines ECM as a set of discrete, function-specific apps that are beautiful and easy to use. LEAP apps include Courier, Snap, Concert, Express, and Focus, all of which are designed to drive productivity and solve business challenges in the digital era.

LEAP content apps include an unrivaled set of content services. The flexible architecture, combining services from an à la carte menu of options together with easy-to-track usage, offers the ability to use only what you need and pay only for what you use. LEAP creates digital transformation without migration, integrating your front and backend systems with the help of REST and CMIS, as well as a variety of other standard data architectures and service layers, so you can avoid the cost and time of migration. It is also equipped with a thoughtful design, providing purpose-built and multi-device ready apps that can be configured in just minutes.

For more information on LEAP benefits and features, and its impact on your digital transformation, visit: http://bit.ly/KMwLEAP

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