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Understand. Anticipate. Improve. How Cognitive Computing Is Revolutionizing Knowledge Management


The third piece of the puzzle is implementing a cycle of constant improvement. By enhancing content automatically through continued use, less manual administration is required. AI-based systems have the ability to incorporate both implicit and explicit knowledge improvements to eliminate administrative heavy lifting. Instead of building taxonomies or requiring specialized learning, these applications can automatically build models of conceptual understanding, and continuously refine these models through prolonged use and administration.

These applications can provide insight into search accuracy, usage patterns, and knowledge gaps to help administrators improve content through the entire knowledge lifecycle and better ensure information is always fit for purpose.

Cognitive computing can also improve knowledge quality by monitoring real-time data streams from digital sources, such as email correspondence and social media feeds, and uncover trends as they arise. For example, it might reveal a sudden upsurge in questions about how to use a new product feature. This can help improve the responsiveness of knowledge workers, enabling them to avert potential issues before they disrupt your business.

To sum it up, cognitive knowledge mimics human thought processes and models expertise to answer questions accurately and consistently. This cognitive approach enables a new generation of employees to provide fast, accurate, and effective advice to help ensure customer success, fuel agent performance, and maximize employee productivity. Behind every exceptional digital experience is a truly great technology enabling incredible things to come together. AI and cloud computing are redefining the world of knowledge management for an exceptional customer experience with less effort.

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