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Transform Customer Service With Next-Gen Knowledge: Why and How

Does it guide?

AI-infused KM systems can handhold agents through customer interactions, keeping in mind organizational best practices and regulatory requirements for automated compliance. The output might be a step-by-step guidance to a problem resolution or even a go/no-go decision on an action. Watch out for pretenders like rigid scripting and rule-based systems that claim guidance—they put users in conversation cul-de-sacs, especially when the customer goes off-script. Moreover, such legacy systems are expensive to maintain. A global bank uses eGain’s patented AI technology to guide a largely novice agent pool through best-practice interactions across 11 countries, while reducing training requirements by half!

Does it embed in other systems?

eGain partners with “systems of record” providers—call center infrastructure, CRM, and content management solution providers—where its award-winning digital engagement and knowledge management capabilities are embedded in the agent desktop. CSRs can simply click on a “Solve” tab or button, whereby eGain Knowledge is bootstrapped with expanded context from third-party systems for speedy problem resolution.

A multinational telecom services company, BPO providers for global companies, and a toy manufacturer, have all embedded eGain Knowledge for holistic customer service.

Does it pervade?

The omnichannel penetration of commerce is anywhere from 35% (healthcare) to 65% (consumer electronics.) And mobile is a big part of omnichannel. Can the KM system deliver consistent and channel-tailored knowledge on any channel or device? Does it support mobile? Can it bootstrap a human-assisted service conversation or an autonomous remote fix from device data?

Does it engage (proactively)?

Contact centers that want to differentiate themselves deliver contextual, personalized knowledge proactively across touchpoints to accelerate customer service journeys.

A leading catalog and digital retailer deflects requests for human-assisted chat by proactively pushing eGain-powered contextual knowledge at the point of escalation. The same retailer makes over 50 million contextual content or promotional offers per year with eGain Knowledge, complemented by its offers engine.

Does it “pay?”

If there is a killer use for knowledge management in the enterprise, it is in the contact center. Not all knowledge providers walk the walk when it comes to delivering actual success. eGain stands out, having created transformational value for over 20 years for the world’s leading companies!

♦ A telco giant speeds up agent time to competency by 100%, FCR by 37%, and NPS by 20 points%, while reducing advisor training time by 43%, across its 10,000 contact center agents and 500 retail stores

♦ A leading global bank reduced call handle time by 67% and agent training time by 50%, while its subsidiary vaulted to the #1 position in customer experience in its market

♦ A global media and legal services company deflected up to 70% of its calls, while making go/no-go decisions on high-profile litigation services projects

♦ A leading North American telco reduced average handle time by 17% and incoming calls by 19% with omnichannel knowledge

♦ A leading U.S. branded manufacturer improved service quality by 33%

♦ A leading European telco reduced unwarranted handset returns and exchanges by 38% through better problem resolution in the contact center, while enhancing agent experience by 90%

If this is not customer service transformation, what is?!

About eGain

eGain omnichannel customer engagement solutions power digital transformation for leading brands. Our top-rated cloud applications for social, mobile, web, and contact centers help clients deliver connected customer journeys. To find out more about eGain, visit http://www.egain.com.

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