• July 9, 2008
  • By Tom Love Senior Sales Engineer Manager, Xerox DocuShare
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Protecting Content During Business Disruption

The need for enterprise content management (ECM) solutions is growing significantly. Businesses of all sizes must organize, maintain, and protect content in order to:

  • Run efficient business practices;
  • Document, automate, and update business processes;
  • Enhance collaboration, workflow, and productivity;
  • Adhere to strict regulatory compliance guidelines;
  • Minimize risk; and
  • Control costs.

Are You Covered?
The unfortunate rise in business disruptions from natural disasters, accidents, and human intervention increasingly proves how business continuity and disaster readiness planning is necessary to any responsible business operation. Whether it’s something as ordinary as a fire, power outage, or computer virus, or a dramatic anomaly like a major hurricane or terrorist attack, more and more businesses—large and small—are facing the reality that the unexpected can happen at any time.

Well-thought planning and the right systems infrastructure can clearly make the difference between inconvenience and catastrophe in the event of sudden interruption.

One important facet of this preparation involves the fast recovery of organizational content and the business-critical information it contains. Content is critical not only to operational effectiveness but also to corporate viability. Without access to content, the majority of today’s work can come to a grinding halt.

Given that, there are compelling reasons why an enterprise content management solution has become an important tool for ensuring that this high-value asset is well protected and easily recoverable should the unexpected occur.

Ensure Ongoing Protection of High-Value Assets
An ECM solution is a vital tool for ensuring business continuity in the event of a disruption. As too many companies discovered during Hurricane Katrina and 9/11, once a physical asset is destroyed, it’s gone for good. More common occurrences such as fire, flood, and mishandling can destroy physical records, but an ECM system provides a secure, highly manageable, and sharable repository that makes quick recovery of precious content possible.

As businesses successfully transition from paper systems to a digitized, online model in support of disaster recovery/business continuity, guaranteed access by employees to the electronic system can become increasingly important. An ECM system must be able to scale to hold and archive ever growing amounts of content, and be able to support redundancy and failover for rapid recovery.

The case study on the next page is one example of how DocuShare is used to enable a fail-safe disaster recovery system for a large U.S. circuit court.

Learn More About Xerox DocuShare
Thousands of organizations and millions of people use the Xerox DocuShare enterprise content platform to help manage everything—from disaster recovery planning and business process automation, to employee onboarding, accounts payables and case management. Xerox DocuShare and DocuShare CPX are distinguished for their ease of use, intuitive Web interface, ease of deployment and administration, extensible architecture, flexibility and value.

DocuShare also integrates seamlessly with Xerox printers, scanners and multifunction devices in addition to a wide range of third-party scanners, so you can extend the value of your office equipment in a multi-platform environment while enabling people to save time, work more productively, and improve business processes.

Want to Learn More?
Download a free ECM kit that includes:

White Papers

  • Selecting a Practical ECM Solution: Critical Considerations Includes trends, practical check list, and steps to find the solution that fits your company.
  • Protecting Content During Business Disruption: Are You Covered?
    Includes disaster preparedness plans and case studies on the 13th Judicial Circuit Court in Florida and Tulane University.
  • Just In Time Documents
    Includes Kaiser Permanente case study.

Case Studies

  • Honeywell transforms its business operations through ECM.
  • Dillard’s Inc., a leading retailer, enhances information flow to support over 300 stores.
  • Kalypsys meets pharmaceutical compliance using ECM (IDC report).

Online Demo

  • Learn what DocuShare ECM can do for you, and see why it’s one of the easiest, most cost-effective ECM solutions on the market today.

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