Email—The Compliance Elephant in the Corner

Most of today’s biggest and best businesses do not run on SAP, Oracle, Siebel or alone—they also run on email. That’s right, email. In all its forms—Microsoft Exchange, Notes and proprietary platforms; and with all their access points—Web, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and mobile.

This simple medium of communication has grown uncontrolled into one of the largest corporate information repositories. Email has become a collaboration tool, calendar, contact database, revision control platform and overall central repository for everything many of us do in every business day. It is now the unofficial de-facto file server.

Consider the following:

  • According to the Radicati Group, a typical corporate email account receives 18MB of data per day...this number is expected to grow to over 28 MB by 2011;
  • Radicati also states that the percentage of corporate mailboxes protected by archiving solutions is expected to grow from 14%
    today to more than 70% by 2011; and
  • "Email is the elephant in the corner. Pending business deals; relationships with customers, suppliers or fellow workers; drafts of documents; and even financial results for the quarter are all buried in the email avalanche. To understand the state of the business, as well as curb potentially harmful actions, enterprises must integrate email into their information access platform."

-Susan Feldman, IDC Research

Now consider that new laws in the US require that every email, spreadsheet and digital file of any kind be accessible. That means that in addition to server-based live and archived data, every PC, laptop server, USB drive and CD-ROM in your organization is now fair game in a court of law.

So, what happens when your company is asked in a court of law to produce hundreds or even thousands of documents within a greatly shortened period of time, such as days or weeks? All of your digital assets would need to be produced on demand. Any legal proceeding from now on including, but not limited to, ADA, discrimination, complaint investigations, safety incidents, FMLA, progressive discipline, recruiting, hiring, firing and sexual harassment, will require your organization to produce relevant electronic documents quickly and efficiently. No longer will courts accept general claims of "undue burden" as a defense against producing electronic documents. The burden is now on you, and compliance simply means being prepared to produce every document.

A Powerful Solution
There is a powerful information access solution for active and archived email stores—downloadable right now—that delivers everyday benefits of just-in-time email information access, while also helping to mitigate compliance and other risks associated with email. Coveo G2B™ for Email provides real-time, comprehensive views into email-based information; views that are often critical to controlling this single most dangerous, yet important, collection of information silos. Imagine access to information locked inside emails and their attachments with split-second accuracy.

Information access solutions of this magnitude typically require lengthy evaluation times and complex deployments. Nevertheless, Coveo believes the solution should be as easy and elegant to deploy as it is to use. That is why G2B (that’s intelligence for business) solutions can be downloaded, deployed, and in use in typically less than 24 hours.

How powerful a tool is this? You can test it yourself to find out. To help businesses understand the power of Coveo G2B for Email, we have indexed the public portion of the Enron email corpus and made it searchable in a demo that is much like what you would experience accessing your own corporate email. For further information and to see a demo of Coveo G2B for Email, I encourage you to go to:

Coveo has radically simplified the delivery and deployment of platform-class Information Access solutions for accessing critical information located anywhere across the enterprise

Winner of numerous industry awards, Coveo’s G2B™ Information Access solutions deliver top-level security, unparalleled accuracy, and consumer-style ease of use. Our fully functional solutions are free to try, with continuing, uninterrupted use through a simple licensing
activation. Implementation takes less than 24 hours, and includes "black-belt" level customer support even
during the initial free trial period.

Coveo’s enterprise clients include HP, Procter & Gamble, CA, Rabobank, PwC, Deloitte, Nomura, National Grid, AMN Healthcare, Lockheed Martin, NATO, NASA, AC Nielsen, US Navy, Yellow Pages Group (Canada), Haley & Aldrich, simyo GmbH, Michigan State Appellate Defenders Office and ESPN.

For more information, or to try Coveo G2B solutions free, contact our Sales department at 1.800.635.5476 or visit our website at

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