AI and Knowledge: Bread and Butter for Digital Experience Transformation

AI Knowledge and the Digital Business (BX)

BX is a broad topic and it could span the entire lifecycle of technology consumption: Deployment, adoption and use by various stakeholders, including end-customers, agents, authors, contact center managers, and others, value creation, and value expansion. We have made it easy for clients to consume AI knowledge boldly and without risk through a no-charge, no-obligation production pilot called eGain Try+Buy™. Try+Buy also comes with best-practice guidance from domain experts, for success. The rich, out-of-the-box capabilities in the solution, developed and refined over 20 years, and our agile services make it easy to create quick value from the solution upon deployment, while our managed services make it easy to use, maintain, analyze, and fine-tune the applications on an ongoing basis, a proven recipe for great BX! Here are client examples:

♦ A multinational manufacturer of cleaning systems piloted eGain digital engagement and knowledge solutions as part of eGain Try+Buy. Happy with the results from the pilot and the hands-on guidance provided by domain experts, they moved forward with the eGain partnership. Next in their plan is to add advanced AI guidance for agents and the next level of real-time digital engagement with cobrowse.

♦ A toy manufacturing leader, a household name, used eGain Try+Buy to arm agents with contextual knowledge to serve consumers for its own brands and third-party brands that white-labeled its products. In the latter case, the knowledge had to be compliant with the agreements that the manufacturer had made with those companies. In addition, the company simultaneously tried out eGain Superchat™, the most comprehensive solution for real-time digital collaboration. Happy with the benefits from the production pilot, the manufacturer deployed both solutions to their entire agent pool!

♦ The value of AI and knowledge goes far beyond traditional contact center metrics in the customer experience domain. A leading multi-play CSP (communications service provider) was not only able to improve FCR but also reduced unwarranted handset exchanges and returns by 38% through knowledge-guided problem resolution on its website and in the contact center!


It is evident that AI knowledge is fundamental to transforming all aspects of DX. Perhaps, they are not just bread and butter to DX transformation but also kale and walnuts, for even better health and transformation!

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