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A Best Practice Approach to Insight Engines: 5 Levels of Insight Engine Maturity

A Maturity Model for Delivering Insights

Improving your search maturity is a vital, multi-step process. It starts by understanding where your organization is at on the maturity ladder below.

Understanding your current maturity level and where you aspire to go, allows you to road map a path forward. Briefly, these are the steps:

Step 1—Form an internal committee to lead the initiative

Step 2—Build a unified index of all the content that your users are interested in

Step 3—Map the search experience to the user journey

Step 4—Develop KPIs

Step 5—Implement ML-based relevancy adjusting relevancy based on the use of the system

Step 6—Implement user intent detection and provides answers

Step 7—Implement intelligent recommendations

When working through these steps, you should also review trends in consumer platforms (Google, Facebook, Amazon) to understand what user expectations could be when interacting with your website or application.

The steps described above provide iterative benefits and should produce feedback to guide next steps. Insight Engines allow you to focus on the user and deliver incredible experiences by understanding intent and delivering intelligent recommendations. For more details on our maturity model and its stepwise approach, go to www.mcplusa.com/maturity-model/.

MC+A has implementation expertise deploying Insight Engines across many verticals and use cases and is interested in discussing how we can help you deploy them for your users.

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