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  • April 4, 2014
  • News

TheBrain goes mobile

TheBrain has introduced a new version of its namesake software for the iPad and iPhone. TheBrain for iOS combines note taking, file synchronization and mind mapping apps to give users a full solution for iPad and iPhone.

TheBrain for iOS works with TheBrain desktop application and users’ cloud accounts, providing universal access to ideas, notes and files, in addition to visualizing how everything is related. TheBrain for iOS is a native app so users can create new Brains, add new “Thoughts,” take notes, link Web pages and attach photos directly from the iPhone and iPad.

TheBrain’s unique approach to information organization enables users to create and link together thousands of digital Thoughts. A Thought can represent an idea or topic as well as link to any number of files and Web pages, all of which are easily search. The company says TheBrain for iOS features information capture and file synchronization capabilities, including:

  • visualization—navigation across all key topics and information within individual Brains’ Thought networks and connections;
  • iOS, cloud and desktop knowledge creation—accessibility of ideas, notes, links, tags and files on all devices including Windows and Mac computers, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and most Web browsers;
  • mind mapping—linear folder storage with animated links and visualization that enable any Thought or file to be connected to anything else; and
  • collaboration and Brain sharing—publish and share Brains on the cloud and synchronize Thoughts with team members privately.

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