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  • January 22, 2014
  • News

Real-time predictive coding

Hot Neuron has announced Version 4.0 of its Clustify software, which the company says is the first technology-assisted review tool to offer real-time predictive coding. Hot Neuron explains predictive coding is a machine learning technique where software learns to predict appropriate issue codes, tags or categories for documents based on examples provided by a human reviewer, significantly reducing the time and expense of the document review phase of e-discovery, it claims.

The company adds the real-time predictive coding capability in Clustify 4.0 updates the predicted relevance scores for the entire document population each time a document is reviewed, showing the impact on the progress pie and the precision recall curve instantly. The software also warns the user immediately, while the user's reasoning about the document is still fresh, if the tags applied to a document seem inconsistent with the tags the reviewer applied to other documents, helping to avoid errors.

Clustify 4.0 allows both random and judgmental sampling when choosing documents to train the algorithm. It offers several different active learning algorithms that suggest training documents for review that will help the system to learn efficiently. It also allows the user to specify a diversity level when choosing training documents to ensure that no training documents are too similar to documents that have already been reviewed.

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