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Mobile banking service launched in South Africa

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TYME (Take Your Money Everywhere), initiated in 2012 as a distribution channel for the South African Bank of Athens, provides a mobile payment service to millions of customers in Southern African countries, where only half of the adult population has a bank account. The service was launched in association with the African telecommunications company MTN.

To enable customer service for its mobile banking service, TYME selected technology form KANA. The company is using KANA Enterprise customer service suite, which offers a single view of relevant service functionality and information to customers, according to KANA. The solution helps ensure that customer support is managed quickly and consistently via phone and SMS texting.

Rolf Eichweber, head of group business development for TYME, says, “We needed a provider that understood our mission of making banking as accessible as mobile telecommunications and creating economic empowerment that could act very quickly. KANA provides us a single view of the customer--which is absolutely essential for our business. KANA technology is adaptable enough to handle our unique circumstances, including coping with users' legacy mobile technology.”

KANA Enterprise integrates with TYME’s core banking, insurance, MTM mobile and ERP systems to transform its multilayered business processes into simple user functions.

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