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The ByteQuest integrated document management suite

The demand for the intelligent storage and retrieval of enterprise documents stored in various types of repositories--paper, scanned images, text, database records, etc.--escalated recently, to the extent that vendors and users alike were (and still are) trying to find solutions that either integrate various technologies to seamlessly access these documents, or develop new solutions to do so. Such solutions should meet the different needs of departments across the enterprise. They must also provide an infrastructure for the management of information holdings that can seamlessly be utilized by line-of-business (LOB) applications and enterprise resource planning systems.

ByteQuest has been a leading provider of production level document and image management technology solutions since early 1990. Realizing the need to offer today's enterprises open architecture, modular and scalable solutions that adhere to industry standards, ByteQuest has expanded its offerings to provide ByteQuery, a knowledge manager that links object repositories to LOB and work management applications.

Knowledge managers differ from classical document managers by providing navigation maps (taxonomy), document and folder classification, automatic capture and classification from several object repositories, and actions on retrieved folders and/or documents.

The ByteQuery knowledge map provides unified classification and security for all knowledge items, and a logical hierarchy that includes cabinets, folders, sub-folders that reference documents located within multiple repositories, in any format, anywhere. Users can capture objects from Applications, Explorer, Exchange, Object Managers and Web browsers, and can locate them within the classification structure using pre-specified capture rules.

ByteQuery users can access objects without knowing their location or format using knowledge map navigation, metadata and content search, folder content discovery, folder and folder content delivery by business applications, and workflows. When implemented with the ByteQuest repository and the ByteFlow workflow automation system, it provides a solid infrastructure for the management of information holdings.

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