• March 21, 2013
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Smartlogic launches multilingual big data solution

Smartlogic has released the latest version of Semaphore, its content intelligence platform, further extending its value to big data projects as well as offering more features to enhance enterprise search, drive content, improve records management and streamline business workflows. Semaphore 3.6 includes improvements to metadata governance workflows, “massive scale” processing abilities for classification, as well as new user review and feedback facilities for rapid ontology building.

New features available with Semaphore 3.6 include:

  • Chinese, Japanese and Korean entity extraction and ontology-driven classification abilities that allow documents to be authoritatively classified and the entities within the documents to be identified and extracted automatically;
  • a "semantic visualization" tool for contextual navigation, which enables users to navigate the structure of information, rather than the information itself, boosting the enterprise search user experience and improving information discovery;
  • improved governance workflows in the ontology review tool that allow clients to feed back on the terminology being used by an organization to label its information assets;
  • introduction of parallel processing that allows classification of content using multiple models to occur simultaneously—significantly boosting classification throughput; and
  • support for Linux 64 bit (CentOS 6.0 and Red Hat 6.0) ensures performance levels demanded by big data projects wanting to bring unstructured content into the flow.

Smartlogic says the Semaphore content intelligence platform enables enterprises to turn unstructured content into actionable information by enhancing the capabilities of existing information management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint. Semaphore assists organizations in identifying, classifying, extracting, integrating and surfacing hard-to-find information assets such as research papers, plans, proposals, presentations, meeting notes, strategy documents, reports, memos, Web copy and e-mails.

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