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Alfresco Mobile App

Alfresco has launched Version 1.3 of its mobile app, which highlights support for the iPhone and iPad. Alfresco Mobile 1.3 includes additional security measures through full-time data encryption for subscribers, allowing them to make their content permanently encrypted on the device, only becoming decrypted when it is accessed. An option to have the app request password entry each time it is used further increases security, the company says.

Batch upload of documents is now available, allowing content saved locally on the device to be selected and uploaded to an Alfresco account in one step.

Metadata options for new content have been expanded even further, now enabling geo-tagging on photos uploaded via Alfresco Mobile. One option allows users to select the resolution for photo uploads. Alfresco reports additional features include user interface updates, such as “pull to refresh,” and improved account management options.

Alfresco Mobile for Android is set for release in the next quarter.

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