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Grocery chain automates HR workflow

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Haggen Food & Pharmacy, a large grocery chain, has automated its human resource (HR) processes with a solution from BP Logix. The new system, which will replace a manual, paper-based one, is expected to be significantly faster, less error-prone and more efficient.

Lisa Hill, senior HR generalist, says that the IT group introduced her department to BP Logix’s Process Director, but that implementing it was a business decision. Because its onboarding process entails legal documents, union documents and payroll information, Haggen and Comvest Group, which recently acquired a majority ownership position in the grocery chain, wanted a streamlined electronic workflow and approval process.

Beginning with its hiring workflow, HR defined a process for new hires and rehires, as well as for status changes ranging from promotions and merit raises to movement from one store to another. The initial process took about 20 days, went live in February and is being rolled out in all of the stores.

“We have already seen a reduction in the number of documents and the quantity of paper that goes into the onboarding packet,” Hill says. “That means both our orientation process and first workday are becoming more efficient. In addition, because the forms appear similar to what employees have seen in paper form, familiarity has made it easier for employees to embrace the new system.”

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