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Project Performance Corporation, Mike Freeman Chief Executive Officer: View From the Top

Project Performance Corporation has worked with public and private organizations for nearly 25 years to conceptualize and implement knowledge management solutions. We focus on practical knowledge management, defined as the concepts, practices, and technologies used within and between organizations to capture, manage, and distribute information. Our goal is to provide the greatest business value and return on investment to our customers by leveraging technologies and our expertise to connect the right people to the information they need.

Through work with hundreds of organizations, we've defined the true keys to successful knowledge management. We focus on the users and clearly define what they need and why it's needed. We ensure true business value and ROI are tied directly to the project, guiding the prioritization and decision-making of these complex efforts. We leverage our end-to-end IT capabilities to bring the right technology solutions to realize each organization's true knowledge management goals.

As a result, we can point to real results and hard ROI. For instance, a recent taxonomy design project for a web retailer yielded significant in-creases in lift and conversion, resulting in nearly $20m in increased sales. Likewise, an intranet strategy and design project for a Fortune 500 company identified cost savings of over $2m per year in license costs through the design of an enterprise open source solution, while offering increased collaboration and information management functionality for their employees. PPC's Practical Knowledge Management approach can help your organization realize your knowledge management goals while achieving greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Project Performance Corporation
Part of the AEA group
1760 Old Meadow Road
McLean Virginia 22102
PH: 703.748.7108
FAX: 703.748.7001

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